Das projekt familie
(The family project)

2000, 1-channel video, 5:20, DV-pal

Concept and direction: Christian Niccoli
Camera: Christian Niccoli
Make up and styling: Priska Wojnar
Best boys: Marco Martignone, Tanja Cassitti

Realized with the support of Amt für Audiovisuelle Medien, Bolzano, Italy

In this video a young family is sitting on a triangular piece of fabric suspended above the ground in a central street of Bolzano. During the video first the father, than the mother, and finally the child, who gets initiated in this practice by the mother, are threading a string around the triangular structure, in order to confer stability to it.
In this work learning to shoulder each other and to take on collective responsibility – all at the same time – are shown metaphorically. Through the pulling of the strings one takes care of stability, but at the same time defines self- referentiality.

2007 christian niccoli. all rights reserved