Du bei mir - Teil II
(You with me - part II)

2018-19, 1-channel video, HD, 5:00

Realized with the support of Autonome Provinz Südtirol - Amt für Deutsche Kultur, Italy

Concept and direction: Christian Niccoli
Stop Motion Animation: Hylas Film
Editing advisor: Susanne Krauß
Sound design: Roman Strack

“Du bei mir” (You with me) is a series of film works on faith, on the intimate and trusting relationship a person may develop with a spiritual entity. Each film focuses on one aspect of faith.
Part II focuses on the afterworld, it metaphorically looks at the overcoming of death as a jump into an unknown dimension. The film presents a dark, dirty, and uninviting alley. The camera slowly traverses this alley until the camera pans right into another narrow passage, which turns out to be a dead end. The viewer themselves staring at a wall, there are no doors or windows to escape through. The camera moves closer to the wall, to the end. Suddenly, from far away a sound of fast, running steps, comes closer and becomes louder. Immediately afterwards, a running pole-vaulter spins by the camera and runs towards the dead end. In one move, he jumps with the help of the bending pole over the wall and disappears. The pole falls onto the ground. Then silence returns again.

2007 christian niccoli. all rights reserved